Help for a friend


On our first trip to Africa, we were lucky to make the acquaintance with a very warm, helpful and intelligent human being. This man is a Geologist, Mineralogist, Crystallographer, and Gemmologist and was involved significantly in the foundation of the SEAMIC (South and Eastern African Mineral Centre). He was born and still lives in Tanzania.

Unfortunately, our friend has suffered a stroke. As a result he lost his job at the SEAMIC, is in need of care and receives little support from the government and employers. We support him, so that he can feed his family and go into therapy. By now, he has recovered fairly well from the stroke and we help him to be able to return to the working life.

It is our goal to revive his former course programme, which he had started at the SEAMIC, on a private basis - so that he can pass on his large, dormant knowledge again. In 2014, in collaboration with the Rotary Club Davos/Klosters, we were able to hand him a new notebook as well as some useful accessories. To do so we provided financial support. Now, he helps us with his contacts to find the appropriate method to make the access of freshwater, for the school of Kigwase, possible.