Creating Art from Jewels


The internationally recognised jewellery designers Michael Zobel and Claude Schauerte first met thanks to their circle of friends and the city of Klosters. They share a passion for beautiful designs, and together have been creating art from jewels for years now. A new and independent line was launched with a unique design language unlike any other. Each individual piece is lovingly designed, handcrafted and uniquely forged into a classic and timeless, yet at the same time sleek and stylish work of art.

The pieces created with the Umba stones found by Claude in Africa possess strong charisma. They reflect individual personality and character. Character is not just a cliché: character develops, changes and grows over time – just as these bejewelled masterpieces combine classic with contemporary, to blend into your everyday wear, adding a touch of their unique charisma to your daily life. Pieces of jewellery that will grow with you and that want to be worn.