African Adventure

Back To The Roots

For several years, Claude Schauerte, along with a small group of friends who share his passion, has been travelling to Africa to dig and search for gems by hand. Their destination is the remote Umba Valley in Northern Tanzania. This region is known as the home to the most beautiful and striking Sapphires of the whole of Africa.

Umba sapphires are found in a sparkling array of colours and shades, with many gems displaying a breathtakingly rich array of changing colours. Each sapphire possesses its own character, with distinctive, gentle, earthy or pastel tones. Together with local miners, Claude digs for these gems in the alluvial deposits of the once raging Umba River. The raw gems are imported, sanded, and then crafted into stunning pieces of jewellery.

Claude Schauerte knows every step along this journey, from the original source location to the finished piece of jewellery, and he consistently advocates fairness and sustainability at each stage of the process. Responsible and sustainable management of this unique opportunity is very important to us. We maintain very friendly relationships with those who help us, from the miners and their families to the Masai tribes who have settled in the region. We pay the workers a high wage, support them through the provision of clothing and other aid supplies, and sponsor their schooling. Through our influence, the relationship between the mine owners and miners has also improved significantly.

All photos of his African travels were taken by Claude himself. Learn more about the Adventure Africa on the web pages "Design Claude Schauerte" and "Commitment".