Grandma's ring or a piece of broken jewellery often remain in the jewellery box. While it would be nice to have the memory of dear people or unforgettable moments present in everyday life. We help you, to turn jewellery you no longer wear into a new everyday companion. Unless we take payment of old gold for a new ring or a watch. Or we buy your old gold at our current daily exchange rate.


Individual pieces are dear to the heart and personalities deserve individuality. Together, we design your very own masterpiece. In doing so we access our trusted sources and find the matching gems and pearls. Or we bring dear pieces back on the current state, repair or transform them into a new design.


Emotional values are not quantifiable. They connect with memories and are a diary of life. Nevertheless, it is sometimes important to know the financial values for insurance or inheritance reasons. We support you competently in that matter with decades of experience and create the appropriate certificates.